Remodel Process

Your Pool Reimagined

Your Pool Reimagined

Our pool remodeling process starts with a simple conversation, so we can learn exactly what you want for your pool and backyard paradise. Once we fully understand your wants and needs, we will provide you with clear cut information on construction time, features, and costs. Like our new pool process, we will always keep you informed on the remodel process. To keep our workers and your family safe, we will ensure the strictest safety standards.

Remodeling Ideas

Pool Types


If you love the feel of a beach, you can remodel your pool by adding a Baja step. A wide, shallow Baja step is the perfect lounging spot. Families love this renovation idea, giving their small children a place to splash about.


You could also remodel your pool by adding boulders to create an oasis feel. This is also a great option to have your existing pool blend in with the desert surroundings. We can even add a water feature to your existing pool.

Fresh Look

If your pool’s plaster is cracking or chipping, we can renovate your pool by adding Pebble or some of the other new finishes that we have available. Try any of our new colors and surfaces for a complete makeover of your pool.

New Decking

New tile around the waterline or within the pool is a great way to remodel your existing pool. With tons of options and colors available our team at AZ Valley Pools can help you choose something absolutely stunning.

Add Dimension

Maybe you would like to change the look of your pool. By renovating the deck or even raising portions of it we can create a more unique and modern pool style. We can even add a spa to your pool, which is the perfect place to relax at the end of a long day.

Pool Elements

Pool Decking

Artistic Pavers

Travertine Pavers

Concrete Pavers

Acrylic Topped Concrete

Pool Surface

Pebble Pools

Plaster Pools

Tile Pools

Bedcrete Pools

Water Features

Stone Scupper

Reverse Vanishing Edge Rock Fall

Lateral Rock Waterfall and Stacked Stone Spa Spillway


Custom Stone Scuppers

Sheer Descent

Water Spout and Column

Copper Spa Spillway and Sheer Descent

Stone Fish Fountains

Small Natural Rock Waterfall

Lateral Waterfall Grotto

Lighting Option

We Use High Quality Hayward ColorLogic® LED Lighting

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